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Bright Light Fine Art Club Member 
David Leffel - Sherrie McGraw - Jacqui Bravo
Master Art Workshops  2021 - 5 Webinar Workshops
October 2020 - January 2021

Regina Lyubovnaya,Master Teacher of Oil Portrait & Still Life, and Leffel's Master Student. Giving the gift with a private tour of his Life Time Art work to her students.  Study with Regina at Oil Portrait & Still Life Art Workshops 2014-2017.

Master Teacher Daniel Greene of Oil Portraits American Artist Master Conference 2012 in San Diego.  Greene is my role model for my natural style of  Realism painting.  

Master Teacher David Leffel of Oil Portrait & Still Life - Pepperdine University & Life Time Exhibition August 2016   Studied with David  Leffel and Daniel Greene September 2012, Master Artists Conference, San Diego; CAC Art Workshop at USC 2014.  The gift of the master teacher given to their students.

Regina's Oil Still Life SBVA Art Workshop in Santa Barbara October 2016.  SBVA Oil Portrat Art Workshop by Regina will be  November 12-15, 2017.

Florence Biennale Curatorial Board examined your artistic work and curriculum, curated and juried in the XIIIth Florence Biennale 2021 and XIVth Florence Biennale 2023 Exhibition,

The Florence Biennale is the major contemporary art and design exhibition in Florence and one of the world's leading contemporary art exhibitions.your paragraph here.

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